Huber Motion Lab: The Next Big Thing In Fitness

The Huber Motion Lab is a unique, state-of-the-art technological training apparatus that improves your physical abilities while strengthening the body’s core posture muscles. What makes it so unique is its ability to train a variety of body types and age groups. It is also the only machine in the world capable of strengthening the 180 deep spinal muscles simultaneously.

Huber Motion Lab Collage

How Does It Work?

The Huber Motion Lab is equipped with a touch screen computer interface and over 400 pre-programmed training modules. It has four handlebars with variable resistance settings, an oscillating platform with attachment accessories and it provides instant, ultra-precise feedback about your performance. Through a series of pulsing vibrations and different angular movements, the Huber Motion Lab isolates specific muscles and initiates contracts in these target areas and really forces them to work harder than normal due to the lack of assistance by other muscle groups.

Who Is The Huber Motion Lab Workout Good For?

Because the Huber Motion Lab allows you to enter the fat-burning zone in an amazing 3 minutes, it is an amazing training apparatus for anyone seeking results. We have clients that range from mid their 20’s to mid 60’s and they all love their Huber Motion Lab training experience. In the video above, we have a client that’s body builder and he believes that the Huber Motion Lab is the an extremely critical part of his training. He specifically mentioned the balance that training with the Huber Motion Lab provides him and how it targeted muscles that traditional lifting couldn’t get to. For the ladies, it is very comparable to Pilates, but better. It is also a perfect complement to our lipomassage cellulite treatment and will help tighten up those treated problem areas even more.

The Huber Motion Lab is also perfectly engineered for the rehabilitation of all types of physical therapy patients from athletes to the elderly. A recent study conducted by the NCBI, a government Biotechnology research agency, found that the Huber Motion Lab is a safe and recommended treatment for those with coronary heart disease (NCBI STUDY). It just goes to show that anyone can work out, and see outstanding results, training with the Huber Motion Lab.

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