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Unveil Your Natural Beauty

 We’re proud to offer LPG Endermologie, a revolutionary treatment that harmonizes with your body’s natural systems. This innovative approach respects your body, working synergistically with it to combat aesthetic concerns such as stubborn fat, cellulite, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

How LPG Endermologie Works: Cellular Activation Unleashed

Patented Technology for Dual Action

LPG Endermologie addresses stubborn fat and skin quality issues with its unique blend of motorized flaps and rollers, combined with sequential suction with the new M6 Alliance Machine.

Targeted Treatment for Individual Needs

Focus precisely on resistant areas like the arms, back, stomach, waist, and thighs. It’s a personalized solution tailored to your body’s unique needs.

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Visible, Sustainable Results

The treatment activates slimming cells and rejuvenating cells, leading to enhanced body contour and improved skin quality

Targeting Fat and Cellulite

Struggling with stubborn areas that resist traditional diet and exercise? LPG Endermologie is your solution. This advanced treatment zeroes in on specific regions of the body, making your body contouring goals achievable.

Cellulite, a concern affecting 90% of women irrespective of body type or fitness level, is no match for LPG Endermologie. Caused by the expansion of adipocytes (fat cells) due to fat accumulation and water retention, cellulite distorts the connective tissue around it, creating the dreaded orange peel skin effect.

But with LPG Endermologie, cellulite is effectively smoothed. By targeting fat cells, and improving lymphatic circulation and drainage, we can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Embrace a cellulite treatment that truly delivers on its promises.

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The Rejuvenating Impact of LPG Endermologie

Life’s ups and downs, from aging to weight changes and pregnancies, can leave your skin less firm and elastic than it once was. However, with LPG Endermologie, you can reclaim your skin’s youthful vibrancy. This treatment focuses on areas especially prone to sagging, such as the stomach, arms, and inner thighs.

The secret lies in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, two essential components of youthful, firm skin. LPG Endermologie’s mechanical massage encourages this natural cellular stimulation, thereby improving skin tone and firmness.

LPG Endermologie: A Painless and Non-Invasive Alternative

LPG Endermologie offers a refreshing departure from invasive methods. This innovative technique uses the LPG Alliance M6 machine that employs patented technology, combining motorized rollers and flaps with sequential suction. This direct targeting of adipocytes (fat cells) and fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells) results in improved skin firmness, cellulite reduction, and localized fat loss.

Not only is this treatment customizable, suiting the individual needs of each patient, but it also integrates seamlessly with other treatments such as exercise, a healthy diet, and skincare routines. This holistic approach enhances the overall effects, making LPG Endermologie not just a treatment, but a lifestyle enhancement.

Regular LPG Endermologie sessions can help maintain the results achieved and prevent further skin sagging, cellulite, and localized fat deposits. This is the future of skincare and body contouring – this is LPG Endermologie at Clinic Libessart.

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