Fight for Natural Beauty LPG

For 30 years, LPG has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced, patented endermologie technology worldwide for the medical, paramedical, aesthetic, and sports markets.

The effectiveness of the advanced treatments delivered by the French company has been supported not only by the 80,000 referral centers worldwide but also by 145 scientific studies, 32 of which published by Medline.

Over the last few years, the beauty market has headed towards quick offers, with immediate results. Customers are seeking efficient solutions and visible results in no time.

Simultaneously, women are paying particular attention to the harmful effects that beauty treatments can have on their bodies. The world of aesthetics is today, therefore, facing a crucial dilemma: offering aggressive, invasive and quick-fix treatments with no long-term guarantee,

or offering solutions that take into account the body’s health?

With the launch of the 10th generation of the Cellu M6 LPG more than ever claims its committed brand values. A strong brand, proud of its positioning that uncompromisingly fights for natural beauty.

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