The Treatment

Celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson is the man behind Kim Kardashian’s amazing figure. While he advocates a strict regime of diet and exercise to shift weight, he endorses Lipomassage as a way to shape or tone the final bulges and get a more sculpted silhouette.

Designed by LPG Systems, Lipomassage doesn’t involve any surgery, in fact, it’s painless. Feeling more like a classic Swedish massage, it’s conducted with a handheld device that gently sucks and rolls flesh, helping to break down fat.

“Studies have shown that Lipomassage activates adipocytes (fat cells) via their receptors to trigger lipolyses (fat release). Lipomassage also breaks down fat accumulation, smoothes the dimpled aspect of the skin, increases fluid exchanges, and stimulates the fibroblasts, which are firming,” explains the LPG team.

Be warned, this isn’t a replacement for diet and exercise. While undergoing a course of Lipomassage, clients are asked to take regular brisk walks and eat breakfast before 6 am and dinner before 6 pm and to cut out cellulite-causing foods.

You need to commit to the program for optimum results, and be available for treatments, which should be taken three days apart.

The Results

I lost 5cm from my hips and waist after a course of 10 Lipomassage sessions. I looked forward to the treatments because they felt just like pampering massages and the downtime was good for keeping my stress levels in check.

To maintain these results, my therapist recommended I book in for regular maintenance treatments every month.

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